Completely Versatile. Incredibly Tasty.

with so many plant-based options, how will you choose?

Sprinkle on the Goodness

Go ahead and treat yourself with a generous sprinkle of our delicious vegan shreds. Add them to a salad, melt them on top of nachos or pop them directly in your mouth. The options are endless and tasty.

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A Slice of Cheesy Delight

On a sandwich, with a cracker or all by itself—no matter how you enjoy our flavourful plant-based slices, your taste buds will be delighted. Get your favorite flavour or just get them all.

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Slice it, dice it, eat it how you like it

When you choose our block you get to decide how you enjoy it. Cut it into cubes for tasty snacks, grate it over tortillas, slice it for sandwiches or melt it on a pizza. Plant-based, and full of flavour and potential, that’s Nurishh block!

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Delicious spreadable flavours

For your sandwiches, your recipes, your snacks or even an aperitif, add flavour to every day. Choose your favourite, enjoy and repeat. Yum!

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